Detecting local system account

Detecting local system account

Post by Tumurbaatar S » Sun, 27 Jan 2002 06:44:14

As I understand sys/dbowner users
have all permissions on db. And there's
no way to limit this. Yes?
But I need to grant DELETE permission (not insert/update)
for some table to system local account only which runs SQL Server Agent.
Other real (interactive) users should be not able to delete records.
Only sheduled job runned by Agent can delete records. How to do this?
Also is there a way to determine within a stored procedure who is
running it: system account or just user?

1. confusion between local system account and this account in services log on as

BOL states that the local system account is limited to network
What is the local system account ?

If i have a server that is a member server of the domain and the server is
logged on with a domain account , is this account the local system account ?
Which user holds the local system account ?

Our n/w guys says its the user who logs on to the system ?

What if no one logs on as when the server has just been restarted and nobody
logs on, the services still do start up . What account do they start up then

What replication factors are limited if the services do start with a local
system account ?

Ive set up transactional replication to another server and it seems to work
fine with the SQL Services log on a local system accout but the server is
logged on with a domain account

btw i am using SQL 7 and NT4


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