single user/multi user mode error messages

single user/multi user mode error messages

Post by yo.. » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Our dba group has the impression that while a particular database
is in multiuser mode, dbcc will report errors that are not really
errors.  They are asserting that if the same database is placed in
single user mode the errors do not appear and therefore are false.

Msg 2506, Level 16, State 3
Table Corrupt: The values in adjust table should be in ascending order starting from the end of the table
(page#=4754  row#=2); check adjust table in this row
Msg 2596, Level 16, State 1
Page pointer = 0x1e3d800, pageno = 4754, status = 0x101, objectid = 520388923, indexid = 0 has an
incorrect pgfreeoff value of 2001. The offset should be 1478.

These databases were placed in single user mode and renamed for a better
naming convention.  We were not able to successfully take them out of
single user mode until we recycled Sql Server 6.0.

* Are there similar experiences out there?
* Are there instances where you have seen errors that are not really errors?
* Does it even matter?  If the errors are being reported, they need fixed regardless, right?


1. When Single User Mode is not Single User Mode

Have a process that restores the transaction logs from one SQL Server onto
another every half hour. It first attempts to set the target database into
single user mode and continues with this until successful. Once in single
user mode, it commences the backup using the Restore command.

Sometimes this Restore command fails with the error message "Database in
use. The system administrator must have exclusive use of the database to run
the restore operation".

After some investigation have observed that when a database is in Single
user mode with a connection already present, the 2nd attempt to connect to
it (2nd connection) will timeout after the specified timeout interval. If
additional connections are attempted simulteneousely (any more than 2) these
fail immediately. Whilst the 2nd connection is waiting to timeout, there are
actually 2 connections to the database in single user mode, which causes the
Restore to fail.

Any ideas about why this happens and how it can be avoided/fixed. This is on
SQL Server 7 SP4.

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