Weird ODBC error?

Weird ODBC error?

Post by Jeffery Ch » Thu, 23 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hi Everyone, I know this is an off-topic post, but
I'm *desperate* for an answer and this group is kinda

I've been given the responsibility of publishing some info
from existing Paradox7 tables onto the Web, and am using
MS's paradox 5.x driver (that came with Office97 CD),
IIS3, and Frontpage97/IDC.

For some reason, I get an error that looks like:
SQLSTATE: S2001 (Invalid argument Value).

I tried to duplicate this problem by creating a dummy database
with two tables (nearly identical ones, the dummy tables
don't have all the fields that the real tables have) and
the error disappeared.
I wasn't able to get much from MS's support site, and
I can't think of anywhere else to turn to for information
on what that error -1023 means. If anyone can help, I'd
REALLY appreciate it.

I will try once more using PERL5's ODBC library. I honestly
doubt it would work, since it appears to be a error originating
in MS's Paradox ODBC driver. My question is: why would the
driver work for one database and not another?
If it doesn't work, I guess my next best solution is to use
Intersolv's driver?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,

Jeff the newbie
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