Creating Multiple Subsets Using Replication

Creating Multiple Subsets Using Replication

Post by Paul Hasting » Sun, 22 Dec 2002 06:00:38

Hi All-

I am trying to set up a replication architecture in which 3 databases (on
different machines) are involved. Call them A, B and C. A is the master. B
is a subset of A. C is a subset of B.

By design, A and B are only connected some of the time. B and C are
connected most of the time. A and C are never connected. This is required
and I cannot change those rules. (This prevents me from replicating directly
from A to C)

I am trying to set this up as follows: 1) Using A as a publisher/distributor
and B as a subscriber in one pair and 2) Using B as a publisher/distributor
and C as a subscriber in another pair. Both publications are set up as merge

I can get both of the pieces to work separately, but when I try to get
everything working together I run into problems. Note that when I do this
the B database is both a publisher and subscriber. When that happens I get
an error message (from A to B) that says, "The process could not drop one or
more tables because the tables being used are being used by other

Question: 1) Am I setting this up correctly to do what I want to do? and 2)
If I am setting it up right, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks In Advance,

Paul Hastings

Principal Computer Scientist

Jorge Scientific Corporation

104 Park Drive

Warner Robins, GA 31088


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