linked server to odbc data source turns all queries into select * from table

linked server to odbc data source turns all queries into select * from table

Post by Gordon Lawso » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Hello, I have a linked server set up pointing to a custom ODBC data source.
No matter what query I enter, at the lowest ODBC level, SQL server is
sending "select * from table" instead of the correct query.  Has anyone ever
heard of this?  I'm trying to track down if its SQL Server or the ODBC


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I have configured a system dsn for foxpro 2.6.   I then created a link using
enerprise manager to this dsn.  I used ole db for odbc provider.  When I
click on tables icon, I could see the table.  However, when I am querying
it, I get a message7313 (Invalid schema or catalog specified).  The sql is
'select * from school...attendance'.  Also, when I link the same table in
access 2000 using the same dsn, it works.  Could anyone tell me what I am
doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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