Device Size and Naming Conventions

Device Size and Naming Conventions

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1. Is it better to spit up a partition into multiple devices


if the NT partition is 8GB in size just to have one device (8GB)
and define all the databases on it !?!?

2. Are there any documents availble that define standard naming
conventions and guidlelines used in setting up MS SQL Servers.

Thanks in advance!


1. Device Naming Conventions

What is there an accepted practice in naming Sybase devices?
One school of thought names devices after the things
they will contain; i.e. database "FRED" is on the
"FRED_DB_DEVICE."  Another school names devices things
such as "DATA1" or "LOG1." I tend to prefer the latter,
since the former makes the server implementation dependent,
but this seems to be the minority position.  I have agreed
to post this question to the newsgroup and abide by the majority

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