Time Outs When running a query

Time Outs When running a query

Post by Sam Farh » Wed, 01 Mar 2000 04:00:00

My application uses odbc to connect to sql7 database every now a then it
gives me a timeout. Is there a way I can make the time out longer.
Thank you

1. query time outs! please help

iam trying to run this following query for within EM
select count(*) from tablename

it gives me the following error.
microsoft[odbc sql server driver] timeout expired

i have set the time out options to 0 in EM server
properties, but still no luck. The same query runs fine in
sql query anlayzer. but fails with the same error if tried
within ado application. this table contains 50,00,000 rows.

please if any one has a soln kindly help

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