Error on BCP with LIKE in query

Error on BCP with LIKE in query

Post by Ian Robinso » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 16:26:47


Thanks. I had eventually got to figuring out that this was
the problem an all is working fine now

Quote:>-----Original Message-----
> Ian - it's not bcp or SQL Server.  It's the way the

command processor works
Quote:> with % signs.  It thinks they are the start of a

variable.  If you actually
Quote:>want to pass a % sign to a program as a parameter in this
way you need to
>double them up.

> So just change every % to %% and you're away
> #
>> Thank you for your input on this.  It has exposed a new
>> twist to me.  I have the bcp command in a cmd file and
>> when I run the cmd file is when I get the error.  If I
>> the code from the cmd file and paste it into a command
>> promt window and run it from there, as you have done in
>> your test, it works.  I have tried with a cmd file and
>> bat file and see the same behaviour on both.  Any idea
>> why? I am running on a Windows 2000 Professional OS.

>> Regards

>> Ian Robinson

>> >-----Original Message-----
>> >Hi Lan,

>> >There is no known issue on '%' character with BCP. I
>> performed a test
>> >on this issue, but I cannot reproduce the problem. A
>> simple query on the
>> >'orders' table of the sample database 'Northwind' is
>> performed in this
>> >test. Here's what I have done.

>> >1. Issue the command in the command prompt.
>> >Bcp "select 'change   ' , orderid, customerid from
>> Northwind.dbo.orders
>> >where customerid like 'H%'"  queryout c:\tttt.txt -
Usa -
>> t -c

>> >2. The screen will display 'Password:'.
>> >3. Specify the password of the account 'sa' to be
>> authenticated by the SQL
>> >Server.
>> >4. The operation succeeds. Open the tttt.txt file, I
>> see all the
>> >expected results there.

>> >The only difference between us is the account. Please
>> specify a account in
>> >your command and try again. If anything is unclear,
>> please let me know.

>> >Sincerely,

>> >Linda Deng
>> >Microsoft Support Engineer

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>> confers no rights.

>> >.

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