SHAPE in SHAPE problem........

SHAPE in SHAPE problem........

Post by Lasse Edsvi » Wed, 17 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I have this shape:

shape{select id,katid,pid from prod_kat where katid="&katid&"}
append((shape{select id,pid,picid from pics}
append({select id,filename from bildbank} as myfile relate picid to id))
relate pid to id)

the first has nothing to do with the last line, but how do I get the
value from "myfile" and remove the last one, "relate pid to id"?

it doesn't work if it ends with )))   .......( I need to get the

Please help!


1. SHAPE in SHAPE problem...


I'm having problem with inserting a shape into a child......... here's
the error I get:

MSDataShape error '80040e14'

The data shape command contains a syntax error at or near position 196
in the command. The command text near the error is: " relate picid to

And here's the stmt:

shape{select id,katid,pid from prod_kat where katid=1}
append((shape{select id,pid,picid from wwwsehcc_bilder}
append({select id,filename from bildbank} as fil relate picid to pid)

it doesn't matter how many ) I put at the end, still the same err......


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