VB6.0 to SQL server 6.5 connectivity problem

VB6.0 to SQL server 6.5 connectivity problem

Post by vijet » Sat, 15 Aug 1998 04:00:00


We have a problem -

We have a Crystal report that is connected to MS-SQL server which works well
when run in Crystal report. But when we try to connect from VB6.0, an error
occurs -
error no . - 20599(SQL Server Not Found).

It is logging on to the server successfully through VB by using Logonserver
method whose parameters are -
Dll, servername, DatabaseName, UserName, Userpassword.
It connects to the server but the subsequent statement
Cr.action = 1  (where "Cr" is the Crystal Report Control)
Generates the error

please help us in this issue

Thanks a lot,


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My client workstations ( Win95 boxes) are behind a gateway. My SQL
Server 6.5 is behind another gateway. Using Named Pipes as the default
network as well as "hosts" and "lmhosts" files, I was able to connect
thru iSQL/W to the Server.

In my "lmhosts" file in the Win95 boxes, I also use #PRE & #DOM:ABC
like below   servr1          #PRE    #DOM:somedomain   servr2          #PRE    #DOM:anotherdomain

In my "hosts" file in the Win95 boxes, I use the below:   servr1   servr2          #Win NT Server at the domain different
                                # from the client workstations

My client workstation belongs to the "somedomain" domain and has a
fixed IP address such as and the its default gateway is

The Server runs Win NT 4 Server with Service Pack 1and has the fixed
IP address such as and its default gateway is belongs to the "anotherdomain" domain It's computer
name is "servr2".

However, when I use BDE (Borland's Delphi), the connection will fail
on some Win95 boxes and pass on some Win95 boxes. All these Win95
boxes belong to the "somedomain" domain

What exactly do I need to configure to ensure 100% connectivity  using
BDE between my clients workstations and the Server?

If my client workstation is running Gupta's SQLWindows' application,
can it also connect to the Server assuming the above configuration?

Pls post any advice here and cc it to me. Thanks a million in advance.

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