SQL server client licenses and distribution

SQL server client licenses and distribution

Post by Henri » Tue, 24 Jul 2001 18:14:50

We are starting a new project including a central SQLserver, but we also
want to distribute a database with our software so that the enduser can use
their applications when they are not online.

Being a newbe in this area, we have som issues...

1) Is there a client version of SQLserver 2000 that we can be distributed
free with our software?

2) If so, can this version easy be installed/distributed using some install
script with our software...?

The goal is that the user install the software and the database whitout any
interaction, and that we handle the syncronizarion between the client data
and the server.

Best regards and thank in advance....


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Server A is a W2K server (not domain controller) with SQL Server 7.0
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Server B is a W2K domain controller with SQL Server 2000 Standard
Edition installed.

Server B has a web app that accesses SQL server on Server A. This web
app does not use the database on Server B.

Web clients accessing Server B have their SQL accesses rejected with the
message "Logon failed. The number of users on this 'Standard Edition'
exceeds the maximum of 10 allowed by the license."

Why does the license on B trump the license on A? How do I fix it?

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