importing txt file problem please help

importing txt file problem please help

Post by henr » Tue, 08 May 2001 22:09:40

Trying to import an txt file where data is separated by tabs
the file is 741 Mb large and when I try to import this file using the
transformation services wizard I get an error message:

"Error source: Microsoft data transformation services flat file rowset
Error description: error creating the file mapping view: not enough storage
is available to process this command"

I have 14 Gb free space on my C drive sholdn't be this enough space for this

or is there anything wrong with my database settings.
I run the MSSql server 7 on win98


1. NEWBIE, URGENT:Please Help : Importing TabDelim txt file into Access Database

I am in desperate need of help to solve what is no doubt a very simple

I am attempting to write a VB4 application that will import a 2 field tab
delimited text
file into an Access 7 database.

I have reached the point where I have created a temporary table in the
database, and have created a link to the text file.
Below is the code used so far, I think I am going about this in the right
way, the Form_Load works OK. When I run the
cmdImport_Click routine, VB throws an invalid argument error.

If anybody can help me, I would be very gratefull.

Thanks In Advance

Andrew Jones

Sub Form_Load()

   Dim NewTableDef As TableDef

   'Create default workspace
   Set Ws = DBEngine.Workspaces(0)

   'Open the Warehouse32 Points Database
   Set Db = OpenDatabase("c:\program files\warehouse32 points

   'Create a new table to temporarily hold imported salesw32
   Set NewTableDef = Db.CreateTableDef("TempTbl")

   'Set connection information, connects TempTbl to salesw32
   NewTableDef.Connect = "Text;Database=c:\program files\warehouse32 points
   NewTableDef.SourceTableName = "salesw32"

   'Append TableDef to create link
   Db.TableDefs.Append NewTableDef

End Sub

Private Sub cmdImport_Click()

Dim txtDb As Database
Dim txtTbl As Recordset
Dim Statement As String
Dim SearchSet As Recordset

'Open external salesw32.txt file
Set txtDb = OpenDatabase("c:\program files\warehouse32 points database",
False, False, "Text;")

'Create Recordset from table
Set txtTbl = txtDb.OpenRecordset("salesw32", dbOpenTable)

Statement = "SELECT * FROM salesw32"
Set SearchSet = txtDb.OpenRecordset(Statement, dbOpenRecordset) <------get
invalid argument here.
While Not SearchSet.EOF

End Sub

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