Invalid Text Pointer value

Invalid Text Pointer value

Post by Herby Roege » Thu, 16 Apr 1998 04:00:00

We have a table which containes besides several text, integer and date
fields a TEXT field. Lately we have problems with querries which have the
TEXT Field in their select statement.

I know there is a text pointer error to the pages containing the text-field
for several records. Does anyone know how I can restore the pointer values.
Do I have to drop and recreate the table ?

In interactive SQL :

DB-Library: Possible network error: Error in sending out-of-band data to SQL
Server.  Connection broken.
Net-Library error 232: ConnectionRead (NLReadFile()).

DB-Library Process Dead - Connection Broken

SQL- Server Error LOG :
Error : 7114, severity 22,state 1
Page 22838 is not a valid text page

In Visual Interdev via ADO-ODBC  : the connecting client recieves the
following message : Microsoft SQL Server Error : Invalid text pointer value

Thanks for your help in advance,

Herby Roeges
John Kennedylaan 3 9160 zelzate
Belgium (Europe)


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Hello to all,

I hava a Database with MS Access that runs on an SQL Server 6.5. I have two
records that when I go to delete them a message apears saying that ODBC
failed delete on table xxxx, Invalid Text Pointer Value no7123. I have read
a book and it say that it is because the register is in use by other querry.
I try to delete it from the ISQL_w, TSQL, from the Table, but I don't
believe it, always the same error.

If anybody can help me, I will be pleased.


Jordan Gomila

Sorry but I speak Spanish, and English is difficult to me.

Bonnin Sanso
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