Weird ODBC error

Weird ODBC error

Post by NSander » Tue, 15 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone ever seen error number 388221? The message text on the error is
SQL Selected Record is invalid - 00000. This has us baffled, and help would
be appreciated. If it helps, the error is coming from our web servers making
calls to the SQL backend. TIA

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I have a fairly simple routine which retrieves a single field. But this
routine will fail after being called exactly 160 times !!!

char* getLastName(char* pId)

    char* pRetVal = new char(51);
    char Statement[255];
    sprintf(Statement, "SELECT last_name FROM namemaster WHERE id='%'",

    SQLINTEGER fieldLenOrInd = SQL_NTS;
    SQLBindCol(m_hStmt, 1, SQL_C_CHAR, pRetVal, 51, &fieldLenOrInd);

    SQLRETURN retcode = SQLExecDirect(m_hStmt, (unsigned char*)&Statement,

    retcode = SQLFetch(m_hStmt);


    return pRetVal;

For simplicity I removed all error handling, etc. It took me two days to
figure out why. But I haven't got any clue.

Please help if you know anything about it. I am using SQL Server 7.0 and
ODBC 3.510.3513.

Thanks a bounch!


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