Adding an Informix linked server

Adding an Informix linked server

Post by cr.. » Thu, 28 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to add an informix db as a linked server from sql
server 7.0?  I read the article on linked servers in the August SQL
Server Mag, but it didn't cover informix dbs.



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1. How to add a linked server using Informix OLE DB Provider

Hi all,

Could you please help me to add a linked server using of Informix OLE DB

I want to know what are details to be entered in the "Linked Server
Properties". What I did is I choose other data source then select a
proiver from the combo box which is "Informix OLE DB Provider". Now I
don't know what are information to entered in the following text boxes
of Linked Server Properties:

  Product Name:
  Data Source:
  Provider String:

Below is information about the server to be linked:

Server name : hbsserver
Host name   : hbs        
service     : hbsexec

Hope someone out there to help me on this.

Many thanks in advance.


Ahmed Jewahar

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