OLE DB for Data Mining Sample Provider Help

OLE DB for Data Mining Sample Provider Help

Post by Peter Kim [MS » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 05:04:08

You could download DMSample appl from http://groups.msn.com/AnalysisServicesDataMining.
The DMSample app is a VB program (available as source code) that allows you to create
OLEDB DM commands (CREATE/INSERT/SELECT and etc) and send them to the Analysis
server, and display the result of execution. For the detail of the syntax, please look at the OLEDB DM spec

I also suggest to visit the FAQ page (http://groups.msn.com/AnalysisServicesDataMining/faq.msnw)
for many other useful info.

Peter Kim
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> I'm working on building an OLEDB DM Provider. Our
> knowledge of OLEDB is slim. Our first step is to generate
> the sample provider referenced in the subject line and
> then to begin a new prototype substituting/adding our
> technology to the sample code. We've been able to create
> and register the sample. Now we're looking for a way to
> test it. Has someone created a publicly available "sample"
> client for this provider? Or is there a tool or utility
> available that can be used to illustrate the function of
> the sample provider? Anything that would help us to create
> the prototype would be appreciated - even some
> documentation on the function in the sample provider.


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I am trying to compile the subject package on Windows XP
PRO.  I have Visual C++ with Visual Studio, Visual
Parser++, Platform SDK, MDAC SDK.  The compile cant find
PersistXML.h and I can't find it on the net or anywhere
on my system.  There is a file PersistXML.hpp, but I
still get compiler errors.  
Any clue?  I downloaded the package yesterday from MS web

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