"167 MCSE books @ MCSE Technical Bookshop"

"167 MCSE books @ MCSE Technical Bookshop"

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  Books : 167
  Exams : 16 (SMS 1.2, SQL 6.5 Admin, SQL 6.5 Impl., Networking Essentials, TCP/IP, Windows 95 (70-064), NT Server, NT Server Enterprise, NT Workstation, Exchange 5, IIS3, IEAK4, Exchange 5.5, IIS4, Proxy 2, Windows 98).
  Others : 2 (Packs of Exams, MCSE Career).
  Editors : 6 (IDG, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Microsoft Press, New Riders, Sybex and The Corilis Group)
  Type of Books : 3 (Exam Notes, Study Guides, Test Success).
  Languages : English Version & Portuguese Version
  Compatibility : dynamic version (DHTM & JavaScript) only IE4 or later (Download once per session, search all the books)
                          : static version (HTML) all the browsers (tested with both IE2 and IE3) (follow the links).
  In association with : Amazon.com (USA) & Amazon.co.uk (UK)

  About the Technical Bookshop !

    This site was made with the goal of helping the persons who are, or would like to be, certified as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). With this purpose and because we all know how difficult is to find some precise and direct answer to our questions when we are presented with a lot of information, I decided to try finding the best books for each MCSE exam and display them here.

    Now I already have 16 mcse exams with all the books I found in the catalogs of 6 editors (IDG, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Microsoft Press, New Riders, Sybex and The Corilis Group) organized by type (Exam Notes, Study Guides and Test Success) in a total of 167 books. This database is only loaded once per session (then you can be offline if you don't want to see the cover of the books or order them). With it you can search for all the books in a dynamical way by exam, type and/or editor.

    This Bookstore works in association with both Amazon. This is, here you search for the books you want, then when you follow the link of your book a new window will open with Amazon's reference of it, then there you can order it as you are used to. So you don't pay nothing to us because you pay directly to Amazon, and then Amazon pays us.

    I hope to be useful and I would like to hear from you,
    (Since : Monday, November 2, 1998)

  Filipe Rosado da Fonseca