Error in BCP

Error in BCP

Post by SSrinivasa » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 01:39:49

    We are working on SQL Server 6.5 on a machine with Intel architecture.
We did bcp out of certain tables in one machine and tried doing bcp in for
the same tables in another machine. The data is all in native format. For
certain tables alone, We are getting the following error :
DB-Library Error
Attempt to bulk-copy an oversized row to SQL Server.

We also made a check on the number of rows in the bcp in and bcp out and
they are equal and we also cross checked with giving select count(*) for
that table and it appears that all rows are there.

Can you help us with the possible cause for this error...



1. Datetime data type errors in BCP

Upon further investigation, it now appears that the BCP datetime problem
(improper handling of seconds and milliseconds) has been corrected in
MS SQL Server 6.5. Using BCP "in" to insert rows into a table using
character data properly recognizes all parts of the date and time, and
BCP inserts the new rows in the proper order in the table.

The problem I was having was caused by a mistake I made in my SELECT
statement to view the newly-inserted rows. I used the "convert" function
to convert the datetime value to a character string, and then used an
ORDER BY clause to order the results. The sort (correctly) sorted the
character string version of the date and time, rather than the original
binary version of the datetime value (as I had incorrectly assumed it
would.) This causes such problems as having "Jun" appear after "Jul".
Rather than ORDER BY the character string version of the datetime value,
all that is required is to order by the original datetime value.

My impression now is that there is no problem with datetime values
when loading data with BCP.
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