win2000 sql connection problem

win2000 sql connection problem

Post by JoeEll » Sat, 01 Dec 2001 02:20:18

I have an ODBC connection from an Office97 data base (on a pc running
Windows98 SE)  to an SQL data base.  The Sql data base was on a NT 4.0
server and all was well.  It has just been moved to a Windows 2000 server,
no other change was made.  Now when most of the machines attempt to connect
to the SQL table the prompt for trusted connection pops up for every record
in the table (until you finally abort).  However we have 2 machines (both
also running Windows 98 SE, and connected in the same manner as the other
machines) which have no such problem.  I refer to machines specifically not
users, because if a user logs on to a "good machine" all is well but if the
same user logs onto a "bad machine" problems arise.

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IIS 5 and SQL 2000 are on 2 separate boxes. SQL server named instance is set
to both SQL and win security. both boxes are in the same domain. the virtual
directory on the IIS server is set with both basic and Windows
A domain account is created and added as a login to the SQL server and  user
to a database. ASP page is set to use a trusted connection. But the
connection to the SQL server does not happen.
I already spent sometime trying to figure this out, but without results. Are
there any issues I need to check, any settings I need to set, or could
someone suggest a way to to troubleshoot this ?

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