NT User Name blank or SQL User Name blank

NT User Name blank or SQL User Name blank

Post by DJ Curti » Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:25:39

Hi everyone,
  I have more information on my problm that I hope help someone to help me:

I have two Intranets Servers Setup:
Intranet Server A: House the SQL Server and works fine.
Intranet Server B: Simple and Intranet Server

Intranet Server A: When running ASP scripts that performs queries on the SQL
server, the SQL Server user name is blank and the NT User Name has the user name
that is logged in.  Which is the way I want it.

Intranet Server B: When running doing the same thing, the NT User Name is blank
and the SQL User Name has the name that should be in NT.  Since I have all the
permissions setup for NT the connection fails and the scrip fails.

Can anyone tell me why it is that when scripts are executed on the SQL Server it
uses NT User Name, but when on the script is executed on the "NON" SQL Server it
uses the SQL User Name?  What do I need to to get this to work right?

Thanks in advance,
DJ Curtis


1. NT User *FULL* name with SQL Server 7.0?


In SQL Server 7.0, the "system_user" function returns the login name of
the user accessing the database. How can I get the *full* name of the
user now?

Thanks for your help!

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