roles and permissions

roles and permissions

Post by olivier veillo » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 17:13:12

I'm creating a DLL to manage roles and permissions on OLAP
cubes with a web application.

I can set a new permission on a role in using this
command :
dsoRole.SetPermissions DimensionToSet, PermissionToSet
(It allows to the users of the role to see the dimension
but denied just a member)

But now I can't modify this permission. As an exemple I
can't suppress the denied permission or add another denied

Can you help me ?


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hi all-

i hope this is the most appropriate newsgroup.  i don't see any messages in
the 'sercurity' newsgroup, so this looked like the next best place.  i'm
assuming 'server' includes questions pertaining to administration.

i need to give a user EXECUTE permission on all 'user' stored procedures.
can this be done so that i don't have to manually add EXECUTE permission on
the stored procedure for this user when a new stored procedure is added?


btw, i'm using SQL Server 2000.

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