How to export data in table to text file in DTS package

How to export data in table to text file in DTS package

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From the nature of your question, it would be good for you to spend some
time in the DTS section of BooksOnline, or with a good SQL Server book.
One that I like is Rob Vieira's "Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming".
It has a decent section or two on DTS programming.

The short answer is that you set up two connection objects.  The Source
connection should be to your SQL Server database.  The Destination
connection would map to either an Excel or Text file.  Then you set up a
DataPump transformation task between the two.  Of course, you'll have to
parameterize your connections dynamically if this gets deployed to multiple

This really is too big an issue to address in detail in this format.  Trust
me that there are good books and online documentation that will help you
through the process.

Realize also that you don't need DTS to accomplish an export.  Check out the
OPENQUERY function in Books Online.  Using a linked server and this call,
you can accomplish the same thing if it's a simple scenario.

Quote:> Hi All,

> I have a question how I can export data in table to text
> file or excel file in DTS package. So, I can schedule a
> job to run this package automatically according to our
> schedule.

> Thanks in advance!

> hy


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Hi there! I'm pretty new in SQL Svr7.0. I'm using DTS and would like to
transform data stored in a table to a text file.

So far I've got is:
[1]-a connection
[2]-a data driven query task
[3]-test file destination

The map is something like this [1] ---> [2] ---> [3]

I ctrl clicked each of these icons and then clicked the Transform Data icon
on the toolbar (for the workflow).

When I run the package it executes (I get the final external text file) but
I receive the following response:

Has some one been through this, do any one of you know what's going on or
have a better idea in accomplishing this?

thanks for your time
Ing. Felix Melendez
Managua, Nicaragua

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