custom resolver script from SQL samples

custom resolver script from SQL samples

Post by Nikola Mili » Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:21:13

I have problem with custom resolver script from SQL samples. I followed
directions from BOL on Northwind db but it doesn't work. Can anybody
recommend me source of information for this topic?

I'm using SS2000 Enterprise edition SP1 on Win2000 Advanced Server SP2.

Thanks in advance
Nikola Milic


1. custom resolver script

Hey everyone,
I'm currently running sql2k and win2k, both with sp2.  I'm
trying to implement a custom resolver script for merge
replication and just had a questions:  What exactly should

merge article to the publisher?  I'm not passing a
specific column to the stored procedure as seen below:


After resolving the conflict, I am sending multiple
columns back to the system so there's no one column I can

a required parameter when using a custom resolver script?  
I just used the sample resolver script that came with sql
server and modified it to fit my needs.  Don't know if
this script is a good guide or not.  Any advice would be
appreciated here, thanks.


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