Error 0 occurred. No description was returned by server 'AU_AAPCAT001'

Error 0 occurred. No description was returned by server 'AU_AAPCAT001'

Post by Craig Mile » Thu, 28 Jun 2001 08:15:14


Has anyone seen this kind of error before and know what might cause it?
It's coming from the output of a SQL 6.5 stored procedure being run from
ADO SQLOLEDB. The proc still appears to be running OK (I think).

Craig Miles


1. OpenSchema Fails With 'Errors Occurred' Message

I've tried using the OpenSchema call against a Sybase SQL Anywhere database
V6.0x and get a strange error message, viz:

'Errors occurred'

Not very helpful!  I've checked the errors object and the above error is the
only one in the list.

The call producing this error is simply : OpenSchema( adSchemaTables )

I then tried limiting the returned information as follows:

OpenSchema( adSchemaTables, Array(Empty, "DBA") ) or
OpenSchema( adSchemaTables, Array(Empty, Empty, "Customer"))

and these work fine!

I'm using the latest version of ADO 2.1 and have tried a number of Sybase
ODBC drivers.  Anyone else have any clue what is going on?


Derek Davidson

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