Log Device Filling... No Open Trans

Log Device Filling... No Open Trans

Post by Tony Rogerso » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00

You need to truncate or dump the log.

To manually dump (and perhaps backup your log) use DUMP DATABASE yourdb TO
DISK = '<path on server' WITH INIT

To set SQL to auto dump the log..

sp_dboption 'trunc. log on chkpt.','yourdb',true

When the log is truncated the stats showing the %used are out-of-date, use
dbcc checktable(syslogs) in the database your using to update.

Tony Rogerson
Torver Computer Consultants Ltd.

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Hi All!

This I've got a SQLServer7 box on NT Intel where I have an ODBC app that
does a lot of stuff over the course of the day.  The problem is that the
transaction log keeps filling up to the point that the NT application
event log fills with messages.  The server usually lasts for about 4

What causes the transaction log to fill up?  How can I check to see what
is using it and what tables are involved? Shouldn't it shrink as time
goes on? Or does it just not have enough free time to skrink?  

Is there anything I can do to keep it under control?  My main form of
access to the server is with ODBC calls through a MS MFC C++ app (with
no implicit transaction start/rollbacks).  I also have several stored
procedures where I do thousands of inserts, deletes, etc.  Would
implicit 'commits' help here?  

The problem doesn't occur all time, but enough to make it something to

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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