SQL Server and NTSP4

SQL Server and NTSP4

Post by Chris Haywar » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Will SQL Server 6.5 run with NTSP4 installed on NT Server 4.0?  I can
register servers to connect with but can't actually connect to the server
once it is registered.



1. Proxy, NTSP4 and ODBC

Everything was running fine up to the moment I installed SP4 on Proxy
machine. Clients workstations are using software to connect through Proxy
and do ODBC query  on SQL server (6.5). After SP4, quite often (specially
with long query) client software is raising error 17805 (invalid buffer
received from client) on SQL, and application is terminated. Clean
installation on NT, SP3 and Proxy solved the problem, but what about SP4.

Any suggestion?????


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