SETUP Crashes

SETUP Crashes

Post by Mike Tissingto » Tue, 30 Mar 1999 04:00:00

A clean install of Windows 98, Visual Studio and Visual STudio SP2
When attempting to install SQL 7 it crashes at the end with various illegal
instructions while trying to register ActiveX components, for example in
snapshot.exe ...

Has any else seen this ??
Any sugestions ??


Mike Tissington (MCP)


1. SQL 6.5 setup crashes

After having installed 6.5 succecsfully on different servers in the past
it now comes as a great surprise when all of a sudden SETUP crashes
during the final stages of installation, when the status message says
something like "Installing initial configuration".

The hourglass stays on the screen for about 15 minutes, then some sort
of debug or trace dialog (yes!) appears displaying the name of a
registry key, next the Dr. Watson dialog for SETUP shows up.

A pretty routine installation procedure, all in all. I'm about ready to
start from scratch by re-installing NT from scratch in case the registry
has soured completely (it's an option here, this being a test-server.
But no way we're going to re-install NT on the production servers!).

NT Server 3.51 serv.pack 4.
Hardware: "HP Netserver LXe Pro" PentiumPro 200,
mirrored 4Gb disk (RAID1), 64Mb RAM.
Installing from CD on 'E:' partion (NTFS) with 1.3Gb free disk space.

All good ideas appreciated!

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