Loading text files, DTS/Stored proc/TSQL/VB??

Loading text files, DTS/Stored proc/TSQL/VB??

Post by stev » Sat, 17 Jun 2000 04:00:00


I'm not too experienced with programming, but I need to import around 25
text files (10Kb - 70Mb) into SQL Server 7.0.

I know of serveral ways to accomplish this, which are through a DTS
package, Stored procedure (bulk insert) or from inside of VB and using
ADO. I need to make this easy to support and upgrade/scale.

I am asking for input regarding which is the fastest, most robust, and
most easily maintained method. Maintenance is especially important as
there may be new files to load, and modifications to existing ones.



Loading text files, DTS/Stored proc/TSQL/VB??

Post by Neil Pik » Sun, 18 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Steve - it really depends on the layout of the files and any processing you
need to do.  Either BULK INSERT or DTS will do the job for nearly all cases.

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