4000 users in a 1000 user bag.

4000 users in a 1000 user bag.

Post by Rob » Thu, 15 May 2003 22:49:50

O.K. i need a little pre-config help.

Lets say my x440 8way 1.4ghz zeon 8gb Ram hyperthreaded to
16way logical CPU can handle 1600 users tops with a 80%

SQL 2k sp3

Lets also say there are components that wont allow for a
Write database with Read only databases down the line?

How can I set this up?
There are a couple of databases associated with each
account... If I put each database on its own raidset I
think it might handle it? havent tested that yet.

Any brainstormers out there? 2003/ is DFS even possible?


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Dear all,

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Thanks in advance

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