ver 7 training videos

ver 7 training videos

Post by gary » Mon, 08 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know if there are any ver 7 videos out yet?


1. SQL Server Training - Video or CD-ROM

Hello everyone,

I am in a very small Microsoft shop.  I'm currently looking for computer based,
or video training courses that I can purchase.  I'm not crazy about the 3 or 5
day classroom style crash courses....because on day 4 or 6 you are left
scratching your head trying to remember what was presented to you.

Does anyone know of any good computer based trianing courses or videos for the
following...Also, I'm not looking for distance learning:

Microsoft SQL 7.0
Microsoft Access 2000
Visual Basic 6.0
Active Server Pages

Thanks a million,

PS - I really, really appreciate the fact that there are still people who are
still willing to help others.

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7. SQL Server Training - Video or CD-ROM

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