SQL DB Maintenance plan not removing files

SQL DB Maintenance plan not removing files

Post by Chris Me » Fri, 21 Feb 2003 06:29:20

I stuggled with this issue and wasn't able to resolve with the many
possible solutions posted. After a bit of tweeking I resolved our
issue as follows:


SQL DB Maintenance plan is successfully performing backups but fails
to remove old backup files as configured in the plan. Disk space is
sufficiant. Plan script verifies. Deleting and recreating the plan
does not resolve the issue.

Verify that the recovery model on master and msdb db is set to Simple.


1. Log files were not removed in maintenance plan automaticlly

We have a SQL2000 running on Windows 2000. I created a job to run command
"exec xp_cmdshell 'del d:\temp\abc.bak'" which tried to delete file on local
disk. The job was always succeeded but the file "d:\temp\abc.bak" was always
The owner of the job was "sa" and the start up account of SQLagent was
domain\administrator. I checked the security of file "d:\temp\abc.bak" and
found that everyone had full control.
Please help. Thanks.


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