problems upsizing from access

problems upsizing from access

Post by Chris Ricke » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi all.  I recently moved to data portion of an access database to sql
server 6.5 using MS's upsizing wizard.  However, the transition was not
all I had hoped it would be.

I open the access database.  I open a simple select query.  I am
prompted for my user id and password for sql server.  I enter userid sa
and the appropriate password.  The results I expect are returned.

The query selects 3 columns from a single table.

The problem happens when I try to change an entry in the query.
 - First, I get a Write Conflict saying that another user has changed
the record since I started editing.  It gives me the option to discard
changes, or copy to clipboard.  choose to copy to clipboard.

 - I then get an ODBC call failed error.  I click OK.

 - I then get an error saying
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The identifier that
starts with 'Change' is too long.  Maximum length is 30.
(#103)[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Unclosed quote
before the character string 'Change_Reques1_ISET NOEXEC
OFF'.(#105)[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1:
Incorrect syntax near 'Change_Reques1_ISET NOEXEC OFF'.(#170)

Any ideas how to resolve this problem?

Chris Rickey


1. Spaces in fieldnames.....problems upsizing from Access 97

Hello All,

I assume that because Access97 is designed to be used by more non-technical
people, they allow you to put spaces in fieldnames.

So, the company i now work for, who are currently running around 15 Access
databases have fieldnames (or field-sentences!) like 'Number of people at
this location' in their tables(to make it easier to understand!!

However, the performance requirements are now that I need to upgrade the
database engine to SQL Server with the front ends and reporting still
running from Access and connecting through ODBC.  I have successfully
managed to set SQLServer and the DNS up and finally managed to use the
Upsizing wizard to import the tables into my SQLserver engine but,
unfortunately, the field names were changed to i.e.
'Number_of_people_at_this_location' which is obviously because SQLServer
does not allow spaces.

Hence I will how have to completely revamp every control in every form,
query and report and it will take me weeeeks......such is life..

..I was just wondering if anyone knows of any way round this problem, it
would save me lots and lots of time..

Thanks for reading,


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