free internet links

free internet links

Post by Luis Aguirr » Mon, 17 May 1999 04:00:00

In my web  you can find a large guide of
internet resources. They are many categories, as computer, software,
internet, culture, cinema, educacion, tv, art, sports, sex, and much
more... ITS FREE

1. Access, share your PC's files remotely over the Internet for free


Here's what appears to be a very useful service:

You can access your own Internet-connected PC's hard drive remotely from any
other Internet-connected PC with a free service found at WWW.FREEDESK.COM.

So you never have to worry about which PC you have that file on. You can get
to all of them from any Internet-connected computer.

Plus you can create an instant network by sharing specific folders or
directories on your hard drive with any other member you
choose. And they can share their files with you. For example:

--Share a folder containing pictures of the kids with the grandparents and
--Share a folder of work-related files with your coworkers.
--Share a file of hobby-related material with fellow hobbyists.
--A teacher shares a file of homework assignments and homework results with
her students.
--Ten employees at ten different client locations link their laptop's hard
drives together.
--A small business can create an instant virtual personal network linking
its employees, whether at work, home, or any other location.

You can set different permissions for each user. For example, allow some
users only to download files, not change or delete them.

You can link together any number of computer's hard drives. It currently
works only with Windows PCs (95/98, NT sp 4, 2000), but Linux and (later)
Mac versions coming soon. It involves downloading and installing a small
program on the computer you want to access remotely, then connecting that
computer to the Internet and activating the program.

It provides a compelling reason to get a persistent connection to the
Internet, such as DSL or a Cable Modem.

Note: The interface and setup is a little nerdy, so print out the help menu
in the file manager and have it handy as you add users to your network. All
you need from them is their FreeDesk user name.

They also have an on-line office suite and 50 megs of on-line storage.

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5. Access, share your PC's files remotely over the Internet for free

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