Linked Server Question

Linked Server Question

Post by oj » Fri, 23 Nov 2001 15:22:25


exec('SELECT   *


> I am trying to link servers in my stored procedures to transfer data for a
> project. There is one central database and multiple clients that are
> data at the end of each business day. I have succesfully cynked the data
> when I have hard coded the server name and login information:

> SELECT   *
> FROM KPATLDEV4.cea_msde.dbo.tblAccount

> I need the server name to be a parameter that is passed in (because of the
> multiple client servers), but there I havn't been able to figure out a way
> to do this yet. Any ideas?

> Thanks,

> Kevin


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I noticed, when linking servers, only pure SQL7 Servers
(sp_addlinkedserver 'ServerM',
N'SQL Server')

I'm linking SQL server M to server N both are NT security only, using the
SQL service account in the M server as a user with security permissions on a

When I logon to server N directly I can do selects on a view of a table in
the connected database.
But when I log on to server N from another machine via Enterprise manager, I
can not get my select statements to work. It comes up with user / can't log
in or something like that. I've tried all sorts of NT impersonations, none
of them made a difference.
The links views, probably work with stored procedures because they are run
in their own space.

I don't have this problem with ODBC Linked Servers.

Is this a feature of linking SQL7 servers?


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