password problem with DTS

password problem with DTS

Post by S. Wil » Wed, 08 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I set up a DTS package to run every night on my SQL7 server.  It writes a
text file and was working fine until I changed the password for sa, now it
fails.  Also, when I try to look at that package now from Enterprise
Manager, I get a "login failed for user sa" package error.  Help?

1. password problem with DTS package

In creating a DTS package, we use either DTS wizard or the Design
Package visual tool.
Example of a simple package is:
1. Deleting from existing table in SQL7 database,
2. Upon success of step 1, transfer the data from Text file to the empty

The connection is done through Microsoft OLE DB provider for SQL server,
using SQL authentication with a valid username and corresponding

The Problem is; whenever the password of that user is changed, we get
errors (invalid log in for the said user) once you would like to execute
the package, and also when we try to open the destination tab and / or
the transformation tabs.

Is there any way to overcome this problem?

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