please help!! major problem

please help!! major problem

Post by Ed More » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi there,

I basically have quite a major problem with a web site that I am developing
at the moment, and was wondering if anyone could maybe provide me some
guidance with this.

The problem revolves around the database part of the website.  I am
developing the database using Access 2000, however I have imported the
tables and relationships into SQL server 7.
The site that I am developing allows people to advertise their Apple
Macintosh hardware for sale on the website and the potential buyers can
visit the site and get in contact with the seller.

The problem that I have is based around a requirement, whereby adverts that
are placed on the site and stored within the database, are given a 90 day
expiry date.
What I need to be able to do is to have some sort of way of running a
script/schedule to look at the database and perform a calculation or verify
the date field within the 'equipment database' if for example the advert is
90 days old , this would then trigger an e-mail to be sent to the seller to
remind them that their advert is still active and to either ask them to
renew it or delete it.
I need to be able set this to run at say a certain time of day, i.e late at
night, as usage of the site would be unlikely at that time.
Is this achieveable in SQL server 7?  as I know this has stored procedures
and trigger capabilities aswell as SQL Mail built in.  I can quite easily
use SQL server to serve my database, I'm just not very familiar with its
more complicated capabilities.

Does anyone have any ideas or guidance that you would be able to enlighten
me with, then it would be extremely appreciated!!!!!

Jon Darch


1. Please help. Major bloating problem


    I am hoping that someone can help with our database bloat problem.
    We have an application which acquires online, real time data and stores
    an Access database. Since we are monitoring multiple devices on seperate
    comms ports, we have multiple (3) instances of the application running,
all storing
    to the same database.

    In order to discover what is happening, I have written a seperate, very
simple test
    app, which stores large quantities of data to the data base, 86,400
values per hour.
    Storage is done using a simple for - next loop. A recordset is opened:
        Set myRS = Database.openrecordset(Tablename, dbOpenTable)
    The loop does myRS.addnew and not 'Insert' statements

    What I have discovered is this. When the test app runs as a single
standalone on the test database,
    after one hour the databse is 3,508Kb.
    I then started afresh with a new, identical database.
    This time, before running the test, I run a different app which opens
the database. This second
    application does no processing on the dattbase, it just opens it.
    Now when I run the same test, the database goes to 8,498 Kb.

    These are VB6 apps running on a Jet 3.51 back end.

    Compacting these databases result in both being reduced to 2,696 Kb

    This is a major problem since the customer installation required that
there are three instances of
    the application running continuously ( real time data )
    Not only that, but a further app is required for data analysis, so
modifying the acquisition program
    to cope with the 3 comms ports is not an option.

    All I have seen on the newsgroups is 'compact regularly', but this means
shutting down data acquisition
    while this is done.

    Can anyone help??


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