SQL Server 2000 vs IIs on Windows 2000 Professional

SQL Server 2000 vs IIs on Windows 2000 Professional

Post by R. Lope » Sun, 17 Feb 2002 01:21:18

I can not get the sample ASP code for ADO to perform the
sample query.  I was successful on Windows 98 using PWS.  

I keep getting the message that the arguments are the
wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in
conflict with each other.

This is the sample Northwind ADO example.  I also
installed the virtual stuff and the XML works fine.

Other ASP code that goes through ODBC to an Access
database is working great.  

I don't know what else to try.  I suspect that there is a
setting problem in either IIs or SQL.

Please help.



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I have 2 servers configured as linked servers.
One is ServerA and the other ServerB.
From ServerB I have dts packages that perform calls to
remote stored procedures is ServerA.
In one of my packages I have the following:
1. A connection object pointing to serverA
2. DDQ(Data Driven Query Task). In that DDQ , there is an
option tab called "lookups" where I created a new lookup
to perform a query in ServerA.
3. When I perform step # 2 I get the following error:
Server: 'ServerA' is not configured for DATA ACCESS

I check the configurations on the linked server properties
for this server and the Data Access flag is set in both

One difference that I think it might be the problem is
that serverA is running Windows 2000 server and Sql Server
. Serverb is running Windows 2000 professional and sql
server 2000.
I can do 4 part queries from Query Analyzer from both
Example Select * from ServerA.TestDatabase.dbo.testtable

Any ideas?


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