Log shipping Problem

Log shipping Problem

Post by Bal » Thu, 22 May 2003 01:15:56

I have this problem while setting log shipping across 2 SQL servers

Primary Server(this is a clustered server)
Domain A
SQL server AGENT using a domain account for startup.

Secondary Server
Domain A
SQL server AGENT using the domain account as primary server for

Share is created for the Primary Server Transaction log Folder and all
permissions given to the Domain account (in fact EVERYONE has full

After configuring logshipping in the final step it gives the error
'Unable to copy the initialization file to the secondary server'.

Can any one of you tell whats the reason for the error?

Thank you in advance.


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I am trying to set up log shipping which is now being officially
supported by Microsoft in SQL Server 2000.

When I write

restore  <databasename>
from [backup device name]

with standy by = undo_file

I get  the error

standby is not an option with restore.

However MS Press MS SQL 2000 adminstartion guide says this is a valid

Can anybody help?

Also when I use DATabase Maintainence Wizard for log shipping. I can see
that logged are shipped but they seems not to be properly restored in
the second server. I checked by Inserting a row and it did not propogate
to the second server when log was shipped.

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