The subscription to publication 'publication name' is invalid

The subscription to publication 'publication name' is invalid

Post by Shirley Kelly [M » Fri, 11 Oct 2002 22:34:00

Hello Jay,

We're surprised that this message pops up after several articles have been copied to the subscriber.  Usually it appears at the beginning of
the initialization process.  

It's possible that the subscriber database has remnants of replication left over from a previous attempt at replication.  Please delete the
subscription to this publication.  Then run the stored procedure sp_removedbreplication on the subscribing database.  You'll have to specify
the database name as a parameter.  This should get rid of any leftover pieces of replication.  Then re-create the subscription and try to initialize

If this doesn't work, you should generate an output file for the merge agent to see if it's always failing at the same point.  KnowledgeBase article
Q312292 explains how to do this.  Then you'll be able to determine if one specific article is the culprit.  

Shirley Kelly, MCSE, MCDBA
SQL Server Support

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