Remote Connection Error "General Network Error"?

Remote Connection Error "General Network Error"?

Post by sdg » Sat, 23 Dec 2000 14:05:03

If anyone has ever run into this error before I would really appreciate the
fix to my problem.

I am creating an application in VB that connects to my remote SQL Server at
the office. In my connection string I'm using a provider of SQLOLEDB with
the DATA SOURCE of my IP address on the server.

This application works fine when connecting on my LAN but remotely via
TCP/IP I get a "General Network Error" of note I also get this error when
using DTS Import wizard using this IP address and senario.

Is my Server's TCP/IP settings in SQL Server configured improperly? Again
any input would really help me out.

Merry Christmas,
Trent from


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We are getting the error 80004005 "General network error" only very
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greatly appreciated.

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