SQl Server And Visual InterDEv Question

SQl Server And Visual InterDEv Question

Post by Jaso » Fri, 11 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hi,  I am trying to use a data source for a web project that is
connected to my web server off of my computer at home.  The problem I
run into is this error

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][dbnmpntw][ConnectionOpen
(CreafteFile()) ??  DB-Libray problem.

.  What I want it to do is generate the scripts for editing, updating,
deleting, etc. for me to manage a users database from home over the

Thanks - Jason


1. Visual Interdev and SQL Server - Very basic question please

I have a SQL Server Database at say H:\Databases\Data.mdf
With Table People

I want a Visual Interdev page (asp) that will accept a person's name and
store it in the Table People.

If someone could show me how to do something simple like this then I can
take off and learn a lot more.  I just want a helping hand getting started.

Or feel free to show me another example.

Take out the _no_more_ to email me.

Thanks in advance for any push someone is willing to give me.

BTW the web page would be on drive G.  Yes - I own my own server.  I was
under the impression the best way to learn is to do everything, including
hosting your own server.  So, I am learning lots of things, I just need some



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