Give this newbe easy answers on easy questions!

Give this newbe easy answers on easy questions!

Post by Ray Art » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi Reppies.

These questions are bothering me:

1. I use replication for fault tolerant purposes. When the primary
(sending) server fails. Is it allowed to switch clients to the
subscribing server and let them alter the data ?

2. It seems like the command 'truncate table' is not allowed when the
table is published to another server. Is 'delete from' the only
alternative to accomplish a full delete ?

3. For existing data to be published, do I first have to transfer/copy
the database to another server before I switch on replication for it ?
In other words: initial replication does not synchronise the database
in a way that the destination database is being synced so that it is
an exact copy of the publishing database ?

4. Only data in published tables is replicated, not the permissions
and database properties, right ?
So, every option (i.e. select bulk into or truncate on checkpoint) for
the publishing database must be manually set on the destination
database, right again ?

Thanks for you time and happy sync'ing
Ray Arts

The Netherlands.


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