MS DW Incremental Updates Question

MS DW Incremental Updates Question

Post by Jerry Spive » Thu, 13 May 1999 04:00:00

How are DW architects approaching automated incremental updates of a data
warehouse from the source OLTP systems for new data in both the fact table
and dimension tables?   Are they using Transactional Replication into an
intermediate database?  Are they utilizing DTS with Lookups?  Are they
utilizing DTS with Data Driven Query tasks?  Or are they utilizing ADO with
variables in Active Scripts?

Does anyone have any instruction, examples or implemenation code they could
share?  This seems to be a very important piece following the construction
of a data warehouse and I'm lacking in supporting information.

Thanks to all who share their expertise

Jerry Spivey
ARIS Corporation


MS DW Incremental Updates Question

Post by Christian Donne » Fri, 14 May 1999 04:00:00

I'm sorry for starting a new thread, but deja news sometimes does that
to me. Anyways, I am confronted with the same problem. I found some
relatively high-level white papers and articles about that topic, from
people who apparently never implemented a data warehouse. So we decided
to invent something based on common sense and knowledge of our database
... I don't know yet how it is going to look like.


Well, I'm sure we can resolve this in a mature
way.  Right, Mr. Poopypants?
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I'm using DTS to update my data warehouse. The problem I'm having is trying
to use a global variable to control which rows get updated (currently I'm
updating everything). Is there any way to use a global variable as part of a
query expression for the source? What I'd like to do is to specify a query
of this kind as the source:

Select A.C, A.D, A.E
From A
Join B On B.X = A.Y

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance


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