dblibrary for c: DBSQLEXEC won't wait....

dblibrary for c: DBSQLEXEC won't wait....

Post by John Berqui » Sat, 17 Feb 1996 04:00:00

We are having problems with dblibrary c functions. According to
the manual, a call to dbsqlexec is supposed to wait until the server
is finished processing before returning control back to the calling
program. Or is it? Am I misunderstanding something here? Anyhow,
whenever we call an internal sql procedure that takes more than a few
seconds to finish, sqlexec takes off and the process stops and results
are incomplete. What can I do to get dbsqlexec to wait until the internal
sql proc finishes? Thanks...

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dbsqlexec is supposed to wait for the server to finish processing before
returning control to the client. It is not working. We are calling a stored
procedure which takes about 5 seconds to complete, but dbsqlexec times
out after 2 seconds. Any ideas? Thanks.


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