SQL Database not visible from ODBC Administrator

SQL Database not visible from ODBC Administrator

Post by David Soon » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 05:27:31

Hello All

Could someone please provide me with some advice on the
following problem.

When trying to establish an ODBC link with an SQL database
some databases are missing from the list of default
databases that you are able to select from using the
Microsoft SQL Server DSN Configuration driver.  The SQL
server is on the same network and other databases are
visible from this list and can be connected to.  Only a
few databases are not visible.

What is interesting is that this issues only occurs on
some PC's on our LAN.  Other PC's are able to see the full
list of databases.  

This is the second time I have seen this issue on our
LAN.  The last time it occurred the problem was resolved
when the PC was upgraded from NT to w2k.  This time the
problem is occurring on a XP pro workstation.

I don't believe the issue is with security rights as
logging in as admins to the PC does not make any

Thanks for your assistance.  I would appreciate any



1. OLAP Administrators group not visible in User Manager for Domains

Hi All,

I've been banging my head against a wall on this one.  I have two SQL
Server boxes here at work and I can only connect to the OLAP Manager
under the Administrator account.  I'm pretty sure that this is because
SQL Server and OLAP Services were both installed under the
Administrator account.  When I started looking through the knowledge
base, I read something about the OLAP Administrators group.  When I
went into user manager for domains, I saw no such group.


Even more puzzling because when I checked to make sure that the
directory C:\Program Files\OLAP Services\bin was shared, I found that
it was indeed shared, and the only rights were assigned to the OLAP
Administrators group!!  Which begs the question: "WHAT OLAP

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I'm extremely frustrated,
especially since I have another SQL Server at a different location that
does have the OLAP Administrators group visible in the User Manager.  I
have tried uninstalling OLAP, reinstalling, rebooting, installing SP2
for OLAP, still no dice.  Please help, it will add years to my life.



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