SA account

SA account

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How do I find out the sa account in sql?

1. SA account and SA role

I've been a Sybase DBA for a while, but just got started in MS SQL.

In Sybase, we have the concept of roles, like the sa_role, sso_role, and the

If I assign the sa_role to a login, then that login can do anything that the
sa account can, enabling me to lock the sa account for security reasons.

We just acquired a small software company that has been using MS SQL 6.5,
but they use the sa account for EVERYTHING.  Since I inherited the DBA job
for this MS SQL Server, I wanted to assign myself sa_role and disable the sa
account, but I cannot find any information on how to do that in SQL 6.5.


They need to use integrated security, which I believe maps anyone in the NT
administrators group to automatically login as sa.  How can I go around
that?  I don't want anyone to login as sa.  Never!

Thanks in advance.


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