MS SQL and threads

MS SQL and threads

Post by Asko Seeb » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi! I don't want to say SQL Server is bad, but It is allways funny to see
how MS compares itself to others. I just readed following quotes from

        "Microsoft Inside SQL Server 6.5"
        by Ron Soukup. Published by Microsoft press.

page 39:

Quote:> Traditional Process/Thread Model

> To understand and contrast  the architecture of Microsoft SQL Server, it
> is useful for you to first understand the traditional architectures that
> have been used by UNIX-based DBMS products. UNIX-based DBMS products are
> usually structured in one of two ways. In the first way, multiple
> processes (or shadow processes) are used, with one process per user,
> which makes the system quite resource intensive. The second type of
> architecture employs a single process that tries to simulate an
> operating system threading facility by moving in a round-robin way among
> multiple requests, maintaining a stack for each request and switching
> to that specific stack for whatever unit is being executed.

[explanations why these are bad]

page 40:

Quote:> Microsoft SQL Server Process/Thread Model

> A thread (more formally called a thread of execution and sometimes
> referred to as a lightweight process) is the executable unit on the
> Windows NT operating system. Threads, not processes, are scheduled for
> execution by Windows NT.

> Rather than move a single thread among all user tasks, SQL Server
> employs a pool of threads.

[explanations why it is good]

page 41:

Quote:> ... SQL Server's process/thread model greatly exceeds the reliability
> of typical UNIX-based database servers.

Good... Now I have a some questions:
1. What is a _traditional_ UNIX-based DBMS?
2. What is a _typical_ UNIX-based DBMS?
3. Why Ron Soukup thinks that typical UNIX-based DBMS doesn't have a
   third approach that uses threads provided by UNIX OS-es... or maybe
   he thinks UNIX-es doesn't have threads? Then what makes him think
   this one?

Asko Seeba.


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Does ODBC keep separate connection for each thread, or one
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Does SQL server create new execution thread for each
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Thank you.

-Sergey Karpov

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