SQL-92, Migrate PL/SQL at ORACLE into PL/SQL at SQL Server 7.0

SQL-92, Migrate PL/SQL at ORACLE into PL/SQL at SQL Server 7.0

Post by Gintor » Sat, 05 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Does anybody know reference about running SQL-92 in SQL Server 7.0?
And does anybody know reference about comparison between
   PL/SQL ORACLE and PL/SQL SQL Server 7.0?
I want migrate PL/SQL ORACLE into PL/SQL SQL Server 7.0 and
Please write the reference, links and may be send mail to



1. Find T-SQL not compatible with ANSI SQL 92 in SQL Server 7.0

I am working on a SQL Server 7.0 database which was upgraded from 6.5 early
this year. My predecessor left documentation saying that the database code
compatibility flag is set to 6.5.  The documentation says that due to T-SQL
syntax changes (following ANSI SQL 92 standards), there are changes in the
way NULL's and string concatenation are handled in SQL Server 7.0. So the
documentation warns that all necessary changes should be made, and
thoroughly tested, before the database code compatibility flag is set to

 I am a beginner with SQL Server. I have been reading the SQL Server 7.0
manuals, Microsoft Support KnowledgeBase, MSDN, SQL Server news groups, etc.
to learn about how to find the incompatible T-SQL, how to change it, and how
to test the changes.

So far I found one message recommending the use of the FIPS_FLAGGER option
to get warnings on database operations which conflict with the level of
SQL-92 standards chosen. I have tried setting this in the SQL Server Query
Analyzer. If I try setting it to any value other than OFF, I get syntax
warnings or errors. For example, entering
set fips_flagger full
Server: Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'full'.

I've tried enclosing the value full with both single and double quotes. The
best I have achieved is when entering:
set fips_flagger 'full'
I get:
FIPS Warning: Line 1 has the non-ANSI statement 'SET'.

Since I get this warning, I have to assume the command was not effective.
Can anyone tell me how to set this option successfully?

I will appreciate any guidance on ways of finding SQL statements that must
be updated to the SQL 92 standards as implemented in 7.0.

Thank you, J. Witt  AAAS

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