SQL Monitoring Software (Best 1 or Best One)??

SQL Monitoring Software (Best 1 or Best One)??

Post by David J. Dee » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Anyone ever heard of this software?  Best 1/Best One.  It is a SQL
monitoring tool used to capture performance and proactively alert for
bottlenecks.  I can't find it anywhere and I don't know who the publisher
is.  Thanks in advance for any help!
David Deel


1. ER Diagraming Software (Are there any good ones?)

I'm looking for an ER (Entity Relationship) Diagramming Tool.

I have looked at a few (ERwin for one) and was not too impressed.

What I'd like to see is a program that uses the database itself
as its description and from the database schema (and some
DB designer input...like relationships between entities,
primary keys, foreign keys...) be able to produce ER diagrams.

Other niceties would be the ability to change the diagram and
have the database schema changed also, or change the schema in some
other way (via SQL for example) and have these changes reflected
in the ER Tool's "database".

Has anyone had experience with such a tool??

Thanks in advance,

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