Which ERD Tools do you use?

Which ERD Tools do you use?

Post by Arne Krüge » Fri, 01 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I'm trying to get a overview over ERD + development tools for
SQL-databases (db design, development, scripting,  versioncontrol

Which one do you use for analyse & design of dmbs? Why? Strength and
weeknesses? Which tool would you prefer if you could choose freely?
Which tools would you never use? Why?

Replay via Email, please. I will post a summary of your mailings.



1. Modelling and ERD tool for DB2 , something like ERWIN

DB2 V7.2 on Linux, Win 2000 for design.

Can somebody recommend me a tool for DB2 V7.x which allows me to
create DB2 databases from ERDs like ERWIN. I have used ERWIN but never
became really happy with this (A friend using it with ORACLE showed me
it's working better with ORACLE, maybe it's because it's not having
really DB2 7.x support).

The most important thing for me is to keep a databases schema up2date
without any data loss. The concept of ERWIN is just what I need, but I
have to many problems using it (e.g. it shows differences which are
really not there..).

Best regards


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